Words by: © dancebespoke

Goostrey Village Hall was the venue for the recent charity dance event – dancebespoke’s “Strictly Goosfest” Challenge. The event took place as part of the entertainment during Goosfest’s 1940’s dance. The dancing was organised and compared by Rachel and Steve Brandreth of dancebespoke and featured a multitude of local talent in aid of a very worthy cause. Everyone in attendance had high hopes for the locals who took part, and fully supported this entertaining evening full of fun.

The evening began with general dancing for the audience before settling down to watch the fantastic performances in the style of a ‘strictly come dancing’ competition. The crowd clapped and cheered for their favourites before casting their votes with donations. From strictly spectating to the most serious dancer – a fabulous time was had by all and the room buzzed with excitement.

Goostrey’s very own formation team “The Goose-Steppers” were first to perform an accomplished group dance. The piece began with a polished and elegant Waltz to the Last of The Summer Wine theme music, before surprising onlookers with a fast and furious cha cha to Tom Jones’ “Kiss”.

The most eagerly anticipated part of the evening however was clearly the main competition and the grand total raised on that night from votes alone was £435. Rachel & Steve thanked all of the evening’s performers as well as a huge thank you to everyone who had worked so hard towards the event including Goostrey Methodist Church Dancers, and everyone who attended to show their support.


Cyril Caulkin,Thelma Carter, Steve Brandreth, Rob Crisford, Margaret Strong, Barbara Torney, Lesley Edwards, Kathy Walton, Brian Harris, John Edwards, Jackie Crisford & Melinda Haworth.


  1. Cyril Caulkin & Geraldine Rhodes dancing The Cha Cha
  2. Thelma Carter & Steve Brandreth dancing The Waltz
  3. Rob Crisford & Katherine Hassell dancing The Rumba
  4. Margaret Strong & Barbara Torney dancing The Tango
  5. Lesley Edwards & Steve Brandreth dancing The Samba
  6. Kathy Walton & Brian Harris dancing The Quickstep
  7. Don Whitehead & Melinda Haworth dancing The Jive

WINNERS – Don Whitehead & Melinda Haworth dancing the Jive for St. Luke’s Hospice