Biddulph Festival Opening Night was a huge success!

Dancebespoke and friends proved that Biddulph does Ballroom and lively Latin dancing on the Biddulph Festival Opening Night. Biddulph Town Hall was the venue for a spectacular evening of general dancing and fabulous demonstrations from all ages and abilities – proving that dance is a wonderful thing to be enjoyed by all. Everyone was made welcome from beginners to keen dancers, as well as those who haven’t “Strictly Come Dancing” yet! The charismatic live singing from Paulo Pinto “The Latin Voice” ensured a lively atmosphere all night.

Biddulph’s youngsters fearlessly kicked off the whole evening with a funky Street Dance from English Martyrs Primary School choreographed by Monique Harvey Oates. A formation display followed, from dancebespoke’s medalist dancers. The crowd burst into rapturous applause as Jamie Simpson (6) executed a footwork perfect Viennese Waltz, before being joined by his fellow medalists Charlotte Proctor (10), Maddison Williams- Powell (10) and Catherine Proctor (11) for a dramatic Tango & a Cha Cha. Rachel & Steve Brandreth from dancebespoke remarked on their dancers efforts: “we were delighted with the children’s performances tonight and we are very proud to teach them. We are also excited to see what the future holds for them. Thank you to everyone who has helped make tonight so amazing”.

On lookers were also treated to displays of a magical Waltz, sassy Foxtrot and lively Quickstep from their hosts Rachel & Steve joined by Robert Exell, Geraldine Rhodes, Andy Mott & Kay Murfin. Also top quality presentations of Tap, Contemporary and Jazz from Congleton Ballet School with thanks to Jill Young.

Biddulph celebrates it’s 25 year anniversary of twinning with the Italian town Fusignano this year, so the main act was chosen as an astonishing 5-dance Latin display from Youth & Amateur International competitors Daniele Emiliani (orignally from Italy) & Natasha Jackson (Pictured above) originally from Congleton. Spectators were dazzled by the duo’s dynamic moves during the half hour highlight, before a few words from Frank Harris on behalf of The Biddulph Festival Commitee. “I expected to enjoy myself a bit tonight, but the whole evening has been absolutely wonderful. What a great start to the festival.”

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